The Krio are people with a unique history and tradition. Their ancestors, the first colonists of the Peninsula on which Freetown stands, were black people brought to Africa from London, Nova Scotia and Jamaica, and ‘Liberated Africans’ freed from slave ships intercepted on their way to the Americas. Never a large group, the Krio people were at first favored subjects of the colonial rulers, and received the full support of the evangelistic and educational outreach of the English-based missionary societies. Soon afterwards they had produced an elite echelon of professionals, academics, clergymen and business entrepreneurs very much in the white man’s image.

The “History of The Krios: A Land Mark In West Africa” is a unique, comprehensive video documentary that is the result of the coordinated collaboration efforts of “Team Krio(Production Team), Cotton Tree Foundation, Computronics MultiMedia, the Krio Descendants Union Globalthe British Chamber of Commerce-SL & Salone Jamboree.
This video documentarywill bear witness to the instrumental role that the Krios have played in West Africa and across the sub region and it will explore the History, Religion, Culture, Language and contribution of notable Krios, their credibility worldwide and will preserve the history of the Krios.







2018 general elections

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On March 7th and 27th, Sierra Leoneans across the country went to the poll to make their various decisions according to what they have experienced in the last past ten years. After a tough struggles and debate among the locals and politicians, the voice of the majority was heard by the final results. Our team worked with different media groups and political parties across the nation to capture footages of major and some minor events that occurred during these time. The documentary is set to be out in November this year as we are on the editing process.



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Our team is working on a story that has never been captured on camera. The history of the most unique tribe in Sierra Leone (West Africa) is what you are about to witness on your screen. The production is set to be out in December this year. A comprehensive story about the KRIOS.





Programme Director

Been interested in film industry have promote local musicians, comedians and Home Videos as well several international star actor and musicians featuring them in Sierra Leone.                                                                         Engineer Ali Ajao is the founder of Computronics Technology SL. LTD., Computer Village Enterprises and Chairman/C.E.O of AJAO OIL SL. LTD. He has over 17 years Senior level experience in the Information Technology System and been in business in Sierra Leone for over 13 years. He is responsible for the day to day management of the company, overseeing all financial, administrative and operational matters including strategic planning, policies and procedures development; and recruiting of top talents to fill all needed vacancies for the PROJECT. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with different project lenders, banks, strategic partners, government, community, International Partner and involve in several other projects including just signed agreement with the Italian partner on Agricultural Farm Project of Animal Husbandry been trying hands in rearing of cow in Kamakwie upper Northern Province of Sierra Leone.


QUESTIONNAIRE/INTERVIEWER                                                                                Mrs. Fatmata Umar Corneh is a professional licensed Nurse working with the Cannaught Hospital, PCMH and several other health care institutions in Freetown. Her level of professional speech and approach is unique. She has appeared on screen on so many news network, advocating and promoting national interest. She had been with our team for over a year now and we started with her on a documentary called POST EBOLA’ a documentary which focused on the lives of our people who lost their families and props during the dreadful epidemic. She started her career with journalism and later got into the medical field. In both career she proved a high level of professionalism and integrity. 



Peter Alie Lahai had been an employee of the Computronics Technology System since 2014 and later traveled to China to further his studies and capability in the film and graphic industry. Mr. Lahai is a professional film editor and photographer with a high level of graphic designing. On his return from China he started his own business in Bo where he started a training school. On his return he became head of our Digital/Media and had proven to be the best choice who can handle exactly what the project is about. Mr. Lahai had worked and presently working with so many film industries on a contract basis as it is his passion to promote national core. He is also an advocate working with some charities to promote their visions. Our project will be of a great success because of his expertise.